Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Maduro Sees Options Narrow; Western Nations Line Up Behind Trump in Battle Against South American Thug; With Updates on Ron Wyatt and Maryland in NCAA Basketball Tournament

BALTIMORE, Maryland Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - In Venezuela, a real true thug, not just some fool who acts like a thug, but a real dyed-in-the-wool evil thug, bounces into absolute control.  Now the 'good guys' running the Western World have banded together trying to figure out how to put him - 'him' being Nicolas Maduro - out to pasture.  And by 'out to pasture,' well, think about the way the French put Napolean out to pasture.

It's not that getting Maduro off the world stage is a problem for rocket scientists.  The challenge for the west is getting rid of the sadistic nut without seeming to be as bad as Maduro is.

Already, nice and civilized solutions have been suggested.  More than one nation has stepped forward and volunteered to take Maduro as a refugee of sorts; in other words allowing him to live there in a reasonably protected status, so long as he agrees to stay off of the world stage.  Predictably, a nut like Maduro turned this down.

[Not to change the subject, but some years back Bernie Sanders said nice things about Maduro and the socialist revolution he was running down there in Venezuela.  It was typical goofiness coming out of the mind and mouth of the USA's very own Anti-American.  As the years passed and the Maduro regime was knocking off its citizens by the truckload, people got back in touch with the Bernster and asked him if he was ready to walk that bit of pro-Maduro insanity back.  Bernie has refused.  He doesn't want to hear anything negative about the good socialist Maduro, not matter how many Venezuelans are slaughtered.  And this is the mindset Bernie wants to bring to the USA.  As the immortal Vin Scully once said, "socialism just doesn't work."

More recently, Bernie said a shower door jumped in front of him without giving fair warning.  The result, for the Socialist, was a black eye and other facial reminders.  The shower door said it doesn't even know Bernie and wants to keep it that way.]

Most of the Western World has declared that the far-more-respected and decent Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan opposition leader,  is the real and recognized leader of the oil-rich South American nation.  Guaidó took the personally risky step of returning to Venezuela last week despite not-to-subtle threats from Maduro and his operatives to arrest his opponent and his family.  When Guaidó refused to be intimidated, Maduro backed down on his threat, at least for now.  In the meantime, however, Maduro has refused to allow shipments of humanitarian supplies, sent to thousands of starving Venezuelan citizens by President Trump, the French and other western nations, to enter the country.  Military types, deployed to border entry points in Venezuela by Maduro, have prevented the aid vehicles from entering Venezuela. 

Maduro gets his dwindling international support from those freedom-loving folk in Russia, China and Cuba.  

Guaidó took the personally risky step of returning to Venezuela last week despite not-to-subtle threats from Maduro and his operatives to arrest his opponent and his family.  When Guaidó refused to be intimidated, Maduro backed down on the threat, at least for now.  

There is no apparent end to this stand-off, at least not a peaceful one.  Thugs like Maduro don't have a history of going quietly into the night.

I am still a few days away from our report on Ron Wyatt.  If you are too curious to wait, there is plenty of material out there.  Unlike secular folk at places like Wikipedia - which does a real hatchet job on Wyatt - our report will be positive and an endorsement of his work.

And a word on the NCAA Tournament:  it is apparent that the Selection Committee did a fine job in picking and seeding the field.  Some choices are open to debate, of course.  I don't know that Maryland deserved so high a seed.  The Committee gave the Terps a sixth seed in the East, meaning that Maryland's first game will be against the winner of a play-in game tonight between Belmont and Temple.  It worries me that TV types have tapped Belmont as a Tournament Darling.  If Belmont gets by Temple - I think I'm the only pundit taking the Owls in tonight's game - that 'darling' tag will get totally out of control by Maryland's Thursday afternoon, 3:10 pm, tip-off. Tru TV will have the TV coverage of the game.

I hope, against hope, that Maryland Coach Mark Turgeon begins to put down those criticisms about his ability to prepare a team for the postseason.  Under Turgeon, the Terps have never gotten past the round of 16.  His record in the Big Ten Tournament is worse. There is a path for that to happen this year, but a lot of brackets will be shot down in the process.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Against God, Against America, The Democrats Pound All Things American; Announcement About Pending Coverage Concerning Ron Wyatt; With Sports and 3 Verses From Second Timothy

BALTIMORE, Maryland Thursday, March 7, 2019 - Within the next week or two I am going to be so audacious as to write about one of the most amazing persons I have come to learn about.  That person is Ron Wyatt.

He is an extremely difficult person to write about.  It may be just me.  But it absolutely has to be done; the man was that amazing.  He passed on in 1999.  Before I knew about him, he was gone.  One of his three children - who spoke about his father in a breathtaking You Tube video - passed on in 2015.

But I need a bit more time to collect my thoughts about Wyatt. (And be aware, the man has his critics, chief among them, I am sad to report, is Wikipedia).  Until then, I am compelled to report on the Anti-American Blitherings of the leadership of the Democratic Party, now more accurately known as the Socialist Party (formerly known as the Democratic Party).

I am a life-long Democrat.  There was a time that was something I was proud to say.  But that was a long long time ago.

Sooner, rather than later, it may not even be true for me to say I am a Democrat.  Why should I be?  I am not a racist like most Far Left Wing Democrats.  I am not Anti-American, like most Far Left Wing Democrats.  The titular head of the party, Hilary Clinton, is not a jailbird.  But that is a blemish on the nation, since she belongs there for the rest of her miserable life,  Name one other American who could get away with what she did, or did not do, with the nation's supply of uranium, with American lives at Benghazi, with what she did with material under subpoena and a certain computer program known as Bleachbit.  What other American could have her husband hold a face-to-face with the Attorney General of These United States only a few days before a public decision about whether or not she was going to be indicted.  

I do not brow-beat fellow citizens about their so-called 'carbon footprint' while, at the very same time leaving such footprints so large that they can be viewed without mechanical aid from the International Space Station.  It would not cross my mind to do to President Trump what the Far Left Goons that lead the party are doing and have been doing since the second Trump was elected by USA citizens to lead us for the next four years.  For those like Jerrold 'Jezabelle' Nadler and Adam "Believe Me, Please!" Schiff, Trump's election was their signal to begin the Democratic Party's Neolithic attack on their prey; i.e., Caucasians of all description, Jews of all description, etc.  During a recent interview on some mainstream media festival, Nadler explained that the word of the day was "investigate" Trump, followed forthrightly with "impeach" Trump.  Other, more typical issues that come before the Congress, such as defense spending, agricultural support, environmental concerns, well, they will have to wait.  Afterall, what the heck were they elected for?

Nadler said all of this with a straight face.  Schiff talks like that also.  My absolute favorite Schiff moment on the mainstream media was when some joker, imitating a Russian operative, called him up to say he had some real good dirt on Trump, and wanted to know if Schiff had an interest in it.  Well, let me tell you, Schiff was slobbering right there on the telephone trying to hurry the caller into sending the material to Schiff.  No matter what the caller suggested, it wasn't quick enough.  Schiff wanted it now.

April fool, Adam.  There was no such garbage.  To the everlasting frustration of Schiff and Nadler, there never is any real dirt on Trump.  No matter what they come up with, it ends up being benign, and even worse, entirely legal.

This is my question:  what kind of person goes into a voting booth and actually votes for folk like Schiff and Nadler?  

Really.  How would you describe such a person.  I keep getting stuck on the part where the so-called potential voter has to fill out the little form when they register to vote.  If you are so mindless that you would actually vote for such people, how do you also manage to muster up the intellect to register to vote?  That is a one and one that does not ever equal two. 

Am I the only one in America who watches Schiff and Nadler and wonders how can these two be assigned the job of tracking down liars, cheats, thieves and fools?  How do they get past a mirror?  Schiff manages to mix a couple of humdingers into every statement he tries to make.  When either Nadler or Schiff get started on Trump, they immediately blow every fuse in the box.  

Just this week Nadler really, honestly, said that Trump would certainly be indicted for calling the Mueller investigation a "witch hunt."  What's worse, the Nadler said, he's done it hundreds of times.  Imagine!

Tell me this, Nads, Do you lose your First Amendment rights when you become President?
If you put Trump's statements before the American public, a whole lot of people - a majority? - would agree with the President.  Ole Nads probably thinks it was perfectly OK for Mueller to staff his witch hunt with Far Left Democrats, most of whom had contributed to Hilary's so-called campaign.  I wonder if Nads had any trouble with Hilary sending thugs to Trump's campaign appearances to rough up the citizens who were in attendance.  

Just wondering.

Who, in the party leadership, actually thinks the 2020 election for President will turn on the way Nads and Schiff dominate the nightly news on the highly objective national newscasts with their latest pop of pure secular evil.

I have to say that, for the moment, even some charter members of the media think Nads and Schiff are going way too far and way too fast.  Even Shifty George "I Still Love Hillary" Stefanopoulos was dumbfounded the other day when he interviewed Nads on National TV.

And it is only getting worse.  The Democrats are going open and obvious in their attacks on the Christian Faith.  At a Congressional Hearing the other day, Bernie Sanders declared that a Trump nominee who honestly stated that he was a Christian could not be approved for the position he sought because of his faith.  Sanders and other Democrats say that Christians cannot serve most government positions because of their faith.  Bernie never has gotten around to reading the Constitution.  And I wonder if old Bernie has the same convictions about Islamists.

During another hearing, the Dem running the proceedings left "under God" out of the oath all witnesses take before giving testimony.  When a member of the GOP complained, the Democrat in charge said witnesses would not have to give oath "under God" unless they chose to.

Leave it to the Ultra Left.  They gore and a trash the Good Lord, but strike out when they attempt to find an agreeable way of sanctioning one of the two Islamic members of Congress - who had made a number of openly Anti-Semitic Statements.  As I am about to post this, agreement was escaping the Dems.

And if you think all of this is so much banality, consider the fact that the Dems will not do business with your business or even talk to you if you let on that you voted for the President.

This is what St. Paul wrote in his Second Letter to Timothy, Chapter 1, beginning at Verse 8:  Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner:  but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God. Verse 9: Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, Verse 10: But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.

A few Sports Notes:  Maryland has lost 6 of its last 11 games.  The Terps have but one regular season game left, then enter the Big Ten Tournament.  One of the four double byes in that get-together has apparently escaped Maryland, again.  The late season semi-fade seems to be an annual affair.  There is a ton of outstanding talent on this Terrapin Team.  If you listen to Coach Mark Turgeon speak after these later games, he seems to know what the problems are.  But transferring that knowledge to corrections in subsequent games always escapes Maryland.  You know, I get the idea that Jalen Smith isn't playing up to his potential, but many others are exceeding potential.  Both starting guards, for instance, are wonderful.  And Bruno Fernando has a double-double every game.  Yet they manage all of these narrow losses.

Another slumping team is Burnley, and the Claret are playing with Relegation Disaster.  A check of the Premier League Table shows Burnley in 16th place, five points clear of relegation.  Only the poor play of the teams that are fighting with the Lancashire lads have kept Burnley where they are.  Burnley is 16th with 30 points, while Southampton is 17th with 27 points.  The three teams holding relegation spots are 18th place Cardiff City, with 25 points, the two bottom-dwellers, Fulham and Huddersfield, who have played themselves out of contention with 17 and 14 points, respectively.  If Burnley can find some points, a considerably higher position is easily within reach.  Brighton is actually tied with Burnley in points, but Brighton Hove Albion has a game in hand.  Newcastle is in 14th place with 31 points, Crystal Palace is 13th with 33 points, Bournemouth is 12th with 34 points, and Leicester City is 11th with 35 points.  

And finally, despite the bleak prognosis given the Orioles as Spring Training opened, the young collection of no-names is playing well and with spirit in Florida.  Particularly effective is Catcher Chance Sisco, who in 6 games and 12 at bats has hit 4 home runs and knocked in 9 runs. Sisco is also hitting .417.  Shortstop Jack Reinheimer, who is a non-roster invitee, is batting .462 with 6 hits in 13 at bats.  And Anthony Santander, who played plenty during the Orioles' late season games, is batting .444 with two homers and 4 doubles among his 8 hits in 18 at bats.  There is also bad news.  Chris Davis is 1 for 12.  Mike Yastrzemski is one for 10, although he has hit a home run and has two runs batted in. His grandfather is, of course, Hall of Fame Member Carl Yastrzemski.   At age 28 he is a non-roster invitee and everybody - including me - is rooting hard for the young man.  Another offspring of a member of baseball's royalty is first baseman Ryan Ripken, Cal's son.  He is 25.  With the Orioles this spring, he is 0 for 1.  He is not under anywhere near the pressure that Yastrzemski is.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trump Speech to Extol American View

BALTIMORE, Maryland, United States of America, Tuesday, February 5, 2019:  It has been said previously without the statement being adhered to.  Now, it will be adhered to.  "It" is the number of posts each calendar week.  Four will be the minimum.  God Willing, there will often be more posts each week than that.  There will be sub-heads in the posts which will enable readers to skip over posts on subject matter they don't care to read.

Rarely Has a State of The Union Address Generated More Pre-Speech Interest.
       The President of the United States is called upon to give a report on the State of the Union on an annual basis.  Since the early 1900's, that report has been made by way of a spoken speech.  Article II, Section 3 of the United States  Constitution provides that the President periodically "give to the Congress information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient."
       Credible and Incisive doubts that President Trump will have any trouble in fulfilling his obligations.  There were, of course, pre-State of the Union skirmishes between President Trump and embattled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Prior to the interim settlement of the budget imbroglio, Pelosi disinvited the President, who replied at first that he'd show up anyway.  Then he pulled back on that.  With the settlement, everything, at least at this hour, is a 'go'.
       Pelosi is said to be fearing an uprising of venomous showboating by the quickly growing anti-American contingent among Democratic Congressional representatives.  The two Islamics in that group - Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan - have already put the country on notice that they intend to showboat and make free use of Anti-Semitism.  Look for all of that to begin tonight.  Some Democrats will like that.  Many will not, not because they don't really agree with the presumed sentiment of such outbursts, but because of the damage to the party they fear will result.
       One assumes that President Trump will be ready and loaded for bear when the showboating gets underway.  Will he try to ignore it?  Will he attempt to take it in stride?  Will he fight back?  It is difficult to imagine the President taking a passive approach.  Nor would a passive approach be appropriate.   Would the President or a Congressional Officer seek to resort to Congressional Rules and Procedures to restore the decorum of the Congress (such as it is).  I would not want to be the Sergeant of Arms or official security and police personnel. 
       Some observers have worried that the new anti-American elements amongst the left will begin their show by dressing down for the night.  And that might be a good early gauge as to what the anti-Americans are up to.  
       Assuming the President is actually able to make his speech, one assumes he will begin by reminding the audience of his many and varied accomplishments thus far.  I say "remind," but in more than a few cases, a recitation of those many accomplishments will be a matter of first impression.  The Anti-American Anti-Trump Main Stream Media have all buy eliminated any news about these frequent accomplishments from the pages and minutes of their media outlets.  People who actually still look to the New York Times or, say, CBS, for news of such things will be getting quite the education when they hear about the microscopic unemployment levels these days, even among such often vulnerable groups such as Black Men and Hispanics.  In both of these instances, the unemployment rates have never been lower.


Trump will also want to remind Viewers about his many foreign policy accomplishments, including his agreements with North Korea, his pending agreement with China, his trade treaties (now actually favoring the USA) and his decisions to reduce USA troop levels around the world.  He will also want to inform everyone once again about the better-equipped USA Military that defends this nation.  Before President Trump, the American Military was on a downbound train, seemingly, under Obama, on an express one to a crash landing at the bottom of reality.

President Trump must also take this unique opportunity to frame to Border Wall Controversy in a way that will make crystal clear how necessary wall is and how wrong-headed opposition to it is.  Will the Queen of Hostility and Inane thinking - she being Nancy Pelosi - be listening?  No.  That is why the President be prepared to explain what his next steps will be.

Let me put in an unsolicited plug for One American News and its announced coverage plans for the evening,  According to the network - which, on FIOS, is Station Number 116, there will be no commercial interruptions, either during the State of the Union or during the rebuttals of the Democrats.  After all of this, One American News will provide analysis from its never-soft-spoken commentator Liz Wheeler.  I wish time would also have been made for a contribution from the networks only other commentator, Graham Ledger.  You will not find a more articulate, hard-hitting, honest, or informed commentator anywhere.

From the King James Bible, the Old Testament, this is Jeremiah, Chapter 50, Verse 6:  My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains; they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place.

Also from the King James Translation, Old Testament, from the prophet Obadiah, Chapter 1, Verse 15:  For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, It shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head. 

And from the King James, New Testament, St. Paul's Letter to the Galatians, Chapter 1, beginning at Verse 13:  For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews' religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it: Verse 14: And profited in the Jews' religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers. Verse 15: But when it pleased God, who separated me fom my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, Verse 16: To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood:  Verse 17:  Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus.  Verse 18: Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter; and abode with him fifteen days.  Verse 19: But other of the apostles saw I none, save James the Lord's brother.  Verse 20: Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not.  Verse 21:  Afterwards I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia;  Verse 22: And was unknown by face unto the churches of Judaea which were in Christ:  Verse 23: But they had heard only, That he which persecuted us in times past now preacheth the faith which once he destroyed.  Verse 24: And they glorified God in me. 

Sports: A Few Notes About Burnley and Maryland (Basketball and Baseball)
       Pinch yourself.  It is only February 5, but opening day for the University of Maryland Baseball Team is only a few days hence.  The Terps open the 2019 campaign in Conway, South Carolina, where they will take part in a three-day, four team NCAA baseball festival.  Besides the Terps, Campbell, Coastal Carolina and VCU are taking part.  Maryland plays Campbell on Friday, February 15, at 11 am, Coastal Carolina on Saturday, February 16, at 3 pm, and VCU on Sunday,  February 17, at 11 am.  Maryland opens their home schedule Friday, February 22, against Maine.  It will be the first of a three-game series with the Brown Bears. 

Maryland basketball team next plays Nebraska.  The Terps slipped to No. 24 in the latest AP poll.

Unless Burnley rights their ship, they seem destined to play the relegation game right down to the final week of Premier League play in May.  As I post, the Claret are 6 wins, 6 draws and 13 defeats, and, more importantly, just two points clear of relegation.  The Claret have 13 matches left to play.  Generally, to avoid relegation, a side needs to be a tad over 40 points.  Right now, Burnley has 24 points.  Think about 4 wins and 4 draws to avoid relegation.

Friday, January 4, 2019

The World Reacts! Queen P. is Back!

BALTIMORE, Maryland, United States of America, Friday, January 4, 2019 - Whether someone in the GOP hierarchy - might it be our President? - or just one of those things that happen because of dumb luck, but there, in bold mid-January colors, was the queen of the legislative corral, back in the saddle again.  Yessiree, the legendary, near mythical Nancy Pelosi had come east in the dead of winter to once again assure all Americans that something almost all of them want (a Southern Border Wall) will not be provided thanks to those wiley Democrats, ensconced in a leadership role once again in the auguste United States House of Representatives.

On Thursday, the third day of the new year, those witless, er, ah, wiley Democrats, voted Queen P. back into the role of Speaker of the that House.  Just so you know, Queen P is now third in line to the Presidency.  

We who are so wise.  We, who have belittled others for witless and foolish decisions.  We have done this.

Just so you know and can now sleep soundly.  Next thing you know, that delightfully brain-dead representative from the same intellectually gifted Western State, Ms. Maxine Waters, will be placed in charge of a very important committee.  Couldn't happen!  Not even Queen P will allow such a travesty.  

Remember back when Queen P last held the role of Speaker of the House?  She had instructed the Air Force to provide her a fully equipped jet plane capable of transporting her and her entire staff of fools back and forth to California.  And so the Air Force had to take the mega-expensive jet off active duty, along with its entire crew, to shuttle the Queen back and forth to Western Cuba (California).

You don't think anyone in the Air Force would follow such a foolish order again?  Would the Queen even try to implement such an outrage?

Hard to say.  I have wondered just how many federal legislative districts would elect the Queen to represent them in Congress?  Can you think of any be other than the one she actually ran in?  I cannot.  Have any of you heard the public service spot the federal forestry folk have been running in their attempt to get more people to come to the many beautiful USA National Forests?  In the spot, the wonderful flora and fauna that live in the forests so enjoyed the visit of a young boy to their environs that they came to the joint conclusion that one of their own needed to be dispatched to the boy's home to tell him to visit again.  The creature selected for the mission was a banana slug, which the boy mistook for a booger.  Once the lad gets over his revulsion, he follows the advice imparted by the good booger slug and beseeches his mom to take him again.  We learn during the commercial that it took the poor banana slug many months to make the trip from the forest to the residence of the young hero.  I know I took up a lot of space retelling the story of the slug, but I thought maybe, just maybe, Queen P could be prevailed upon to adopt a similar urgency (as well as a similar means of transportation) for her ventures back to her legislative district.   

Well, it is a nice thought.  

Some Parting Thoughts:  The Ravens will be playing the Chargers on Sunday.  It will be a rematch of a game played just a couple of weeks ago in California.  The Ravens won the game because the Chargers - with one of the NFL's most prolific offenses - could not so much a budge the Raven defense.  By the 4th Quarter, the Chargers weren't even calling for pass plays that called for their offensive line to provide all-Pro QB Phillip Rivers more than a second or two to throw the ball.  The poor man spent most of the game on his back...After a horrific start in the Premier League Campaign, Burnley has won two matches in a row and given the faithful at Turf Moor some hope of avoiding relegation.  The two wins - 2-0 over West Brom and 2-1 over Huddersfield - put the Claret in a virtual tie for 17th on the table.  They will need to move out of the tie to avoid the relegation tag.  Of course, they have until May to do it...Back in the autumn the weather had turned so cold that the internet started to fill with conjectures concerning a coming ice age.  For those who aren't fans of the Mid-Atlantic's confounded warm winter stretches, that autumn cold weather was just wonderful.  There were days when the mercury never reached freezing, and this was only November.  Well, anyway, my Accuweather App has a setting that allows you to look 30 days into the future.  That shows that the weather will start acting like winter once again come about the 20th of this month. Wow!  More winter!

The Bible says this in the Old Testament Book of the Prophet Malachi, Chapter 2, at Verse 10: "Have we not all one Father?  Has not one God created us?  Why then are we faithless to one another, profaning the covenant of our fathers?  

This is what the Bible says in the New Testament in Saint Paul's Letter to Titus, Chapter 3, beginning at Verse 1: "Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for any honest work, Verse 2: to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all men.  Verse 3: For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice and envy, hated by men and hating one another; Verse 4: but when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, Verse 5: he saved us, not because of deeds done by us in righteousness, but in virtue of his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit, Verse 6: which he poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, Verse 7: so that we might be justified by his grace and become heirs of eternal life.  Verse 8: The saying is sure.  I desire you to insist on these things, so that those who gave believed in God may be careful to apply themselves or enter honest occupations. These are excellent and profitable to men.  Verse 9: But avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels over the law, for they are unprofitable and futile." 

These are well worth contemplating during a time when the secular Ultra Left seems to delight in doing everything it can to stir up hatred.  Is it merely a coincidence that most of the Ultra Left's leaders supported the idea of constructing a wall on the Southern Border only a few years ago.  I don't suggest that the Good Book is speaking to them.  I am suggesting that the words and thoughts here are very useful when we contemplate these issues.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Southern Border Besieged; Mueller Preps Half-Witted Far Left "Output"; Maryland Soccer In NCAA Quarterfinals; Ravens Have QB Issues

BALTIMORE, Maryland Monday, November 26, 2018 It is an explosive time.  Not a day dawns when some sort of societal explosion isn't either immediately past and requiring reaction, or immediately pending and demanding preparation and pre-reaction.

Sunday, the explosions included the attempt by dozens (hundreds?) of Central Americans attempting to storm and invade the American Border.  The USA border patrol was pelted with rocks and bottles and other projectiles, to the point where they elected to send in tear gas to clear the mob. The Mexican Authorities, themselves put upon by the unwelcomed multitude, thousands of whom have ensconced themselves in Tijuana, arrested some 39 of the Central Americans who stormed the border, and have let it be known that all of those arrested will be promptly deported.  News subsequently got out that the Mexicans have sent some 500 packing.  Who'd have thought? 

But news also worked its way out that this mobile mob - now ensconced, as we say, in Mexico - is being funded by the American Anarchist and former Nazi operative George Soros and others of his low brow ilk.  That is downright predictable, isn't it now?  Sometime, some day, some noble soul will do what needs to be done to have him incarcerated.  Maybe, if we're real lucky, some person will that fine and noble deed sooner rather than later!

The President tweeted in the aftermath of the failed invasion earlier in the week that he is contemplating a permanent closure of the Southern Border, at least the designated entry point being abused at the present moment in California.  He repeated his oft-stated appeal for funds to complete the Southern Border Wall.
I cannot commend the Border Guard more.  Their bravery under extreme duress was remarkable.  Their measured response was also outstanding.  Even the response of Mexican Authorities was commendable if, in fact, they follow through on their stated intentions.

Some of the half-wits running the Anti-American Media Disinformation Campaign (Insert the name of your favorite Mainstream Media Personality - teehee - ) have "stated" that USA Border Guards should not have fired tear gas when women and children were among the invading horde. If only Attila the Hun had known of this advantage, he could have had one of his lads' wives ride with them.  If European Defenders had seen such a woman, they'd have laid down their arms.

Another Crises in the immediate offing is the expected report of the laughable Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.  Jack Posobiec of One American News is reporting that one of Mueller's supposed targets, the author Jerome Corsi, has instead filed a federal suit against the lamentable sleaze-bag, Mueller.  I do hope that all of Mueller's ultra-left henchmen are also named in the suit.  

Former Federal Prosecutor Joseph DiGenova noted on today's Hannity radio show that Trump had won a major victory when he cornered Mueller into accepting written responses to agreed-upon questions in lieu of a formal deposition.  Unless Mueller, or the Democrats in the House, are willing to make a huge fool of themselves, it has become clear that no effort will be made to proceed against the President or to set the stage for an impeachment action in the House of Representatives after the Dems take control in January. 

The Democrats making a fool of themselves while trying to "get" the President?  Wow, who could imagine that?

That is the wild card in all of this.  Trump and his folk - Giuliani, etc. - have come to understand just how crazy the far left is.  More than once they have led the left up to the edge of the cliff, then stood aside while the left kept going - right off the edge and into the nearby abyss.

A Bit of Sports:  Maryland did not have its typically great soccer season.  I, for one, was far from sure they would get a berth in the NCAA Tournament.  But they did get a berth and, to my surprise, a No. 11 seed.  That earned the Terps a first round bye in the 48-team single elimination tournament.  It also got them a second-round home game against the winner of Campbell and North Carolina State.  State won narrowly against the Camels, earning them a trip to College Park.  Maryland beat the Wolfpack, 2-0.

The win earned Maryland a third-round match-up at No. 5 seed Duke.  Maryland won, again, by the same 2-0 margin.

Now the Terps are in the NCAA Quarterfinals.  Friday evening at 6 pm Maryland will be at the No. 3 Seed, Kentucky.  A win there puts Maryland in yet another College Cup.  A team that finished the regular season with an inauspicious 8-6-4 record is now poised on the precipice of another National Title.  

Just as stunning is the make-up of the Elite Eight in this year's tournament.  The elite ACC has been bludgeoned and is down to a single team: Notre Dame.  Meanwhile, the Big Ten - hardly a soccer powerhouse - can claim three of the final eight: Maryland, Indiana and Michigan State.  The other four teams of the Great Eight include James Madison, Akron, Stanford and, as mentioned, Kentucky.

Really, they are.  Just a couple of weeks ago Maryland supporters thought the loss, on penalty kicks, to Big Ten Regular Season Champion Indiana, in the early rounds of the Big Ten Tournament, had ended the soccer season for the Terrapins.  A few days later, I didn't even watch or pay attention to the Selection Show, where the field of 48 is announced for the national tournament.  Later in the evening I was stunned to silence when a graphic crawl restating the field included Maryland.  My surprise turned to double blinks when the same graphic said that Maryland not only made the field but had earned a first round bye and a home game in the second round.  Say what?

But there it was: Maryland would have six days to prepare to meet the winner of North Carolina State and Campbell.  The game would be on Sunday afternoon in College Park.  Per my usual bad habit, I didn't turn up at the game until the half, by which time Maryland was ahead, 1-0.  The second half was all Maryland, even though they had the lead.  Mid-way through the second half the Terps scored again.  It was off to Duke, which would struggle past Pacific, 1-0, meaning Maryland would not get a second home game.  It didn't matter, Maryland won again by the same 2-0 score.  

Ravens Prep for Battle in Atlanta. Here in Baltimore, the locals are getting revved up about the brewing quarterback controversy on the hometown Ravens.  Currently holding the final AFC playoff berth, the Ravens have long rode the strong right arm of Joe Flacco.  But Flacco is injured and in his stead he has been replaced by No. 1 Draft Choice Lamar Jackson.  Under Jackson the Ravens have won two straight and are at Atlanta on Sunday. 

By Wednesday's Raven practice, Flacco was still not medically cleared to return.  Still, Harbaugh has not named his starter for the game.  I believe he wants to force the struggling Falcons to have to prepare for both Flacco and Jackson.  It is my hunch that he wants the Falcons to think Flacco is the likely starter even though it is likely that the vet will not even dress for the game.  Harbaugh has stated that Flacco must practice before he would be allowed to start a game.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Problems at the University of Maryland; Huge Problems Complicated by Weak Spines

BALTIMORE, Maryland Saturday, November 3, 2018 - On the coastal plain here in Maryland, the autumn weather has again flipped to a bracing cold.  Those preoccupied with subtle accuracies would say it is seasonably cool; i.e., pretty much what you would expect it to be at this time of year. I'm no longer young and I remember early Novembers when the ground was already covered with glistening snow.  Anybody whose been around the block as many times as me will quickly recite the fact that a World Series game was snowed out in 1979.  But I can also recall warm weather in early November; and I am not talking about 'warm for November,' I am talking about warm for any time of the year.  In '79, once the Series ended, Baltimore went through a patch of so-called Indian Summer when the mercury soared into the eighties.  Really, it did.  

For those with the good sense to take in this time of year - even to enjoy it - it is a wonderful time. It is my favorite time.  The leaves here turn late and many are in their glory now while others are just finishing.  The fall weather, sadly, does not linger long.  But while with us, it invigorates, braces, even rejuvenates.

Around here this year, however, there are two storylines that almost demand our attention no matter the glory of the Lord's day.  Locally, the grand university of the State of Maryland has stepped in it once again.  Just when anybody who has even a passing interest in the sport of football ought to be in the stands or in front of a TV watching as the brown leather ball is thrown or kicked back and forth, the lads at Maryland have managed to direct public attention to corporate board rooms and State Houses, where people charged with making unnecessarily complicated decisions have managed to really create a stinking mess.

I do not have the stomach to restate the whole lurid plot that has led to this point.  But, briefly, there was a tragedy last May in which a young athlete lost his promising life.  He was attempting to run wind sprints during a spring football practice when he was overcome by heat.  He collapsed and several days later, he died.  Since the moment the athlete passed, the fingers of blame have been pathetically flying all about.  It is an awful and embarrassing sight.  The University of Maryland and eleven other publicly run colleges and universities are administered by a 'Board of Regents," all of whom are appointed by Maryland's Governor.  Some of those on the Board were appointed by former Governor Martin O'Malley and the rest were appointed by current Governor Lawrence Hogan.  After months of "deliberations," this Board of Regents reached a preliminary decision to terminate the Maryland Football Coach, D.J. Durkin, the Athletic Director, Damon Evans, and University President Wallace Loh.

But before actually doing the deed, the Regents decided to come together and allow each of the three men a chance to address the Board en masse.  At this meeting, Durkin's address was so enthralling that the Regents changed their minds, or, at least some of them did, and instead of what they originally had been inclined to do - fire all three men - the Regents announced that they would keep Durkin and Evans while informing Loh that he could stay on until this coming June provided he did nothing to stand in Durkin or Evans ways.  Loh told the Board he would agree to this.

When this decision was communicated, the you-know-what hit the fan and a mob scene ensued.  Durkin tried to address the football team but a bunch of his players walked out.  A player said to be a "whistle-blower" was attacked by other players and injured.  At least this is what has been reported.  By the following day, Loh fired Durkin.  Evans remains, it has been reported.  But really, who knows?  In fact, who knows who is in charge.  It has been reported that a point of contention and blame is the fact that on the day the athlete, Jordan McNair, 19, succumbed, he was not placed in a so-called submersion tub, filled with cold water.  The tub was not available because, we are told, the site of the practice was changed at the last minute and the training staff said it did not have enough time to get the tub to the field.

Apparently there are factions on the team and apparently these factions have more or less "led" the team in Durkin's absence.

One does not need to be a genius to understand that the University's athletic program, especially its football program, is in trouble for the near future.  

Many are aware that in the wake of McNair's death, the far-left folk at ESPN did an "expose" which pointed to a "toxic" environment within the Maryland Football program.  According to the far-left Baltimore Sun, athletes on the team were reluctant to air concerns for fear that the coaches would hold it against them.

Let it be pointed out that Durkin has only been at Maryland since December, 2015.  The program he took over was on a downbound train.  Yet in the few short months that Durkin was in charge his detractors say he created a "toxic culture."  The toxic culture that those insightful folk at ESPN spoke of in their report - the one they put on TV not long after McNair's passing (and never let it be said that ESPN let a catastrophe like McNair's death go by without piling on) - did not bother to compare the way that Durkin ran Maryland's football program with the way other similar programs around the nation are administered. 

How about that?  The whole thing stunk so much it was truly pathetic.  Durkin coached two years - two seasons - after taking over a sinking ship. I don't know a lot about his background, except for the fact that he came from Jim Harbaugh's program at Michigan.

I'm not defending Durkin's coaching.  The idea that on a hot day the football program ran wind sprints without an essential medical tool at their beck and ready, is indefensible.  The medical tool - the immersion tub that can immerse a heat stroke victim in cold water immediately after he is stricken - was not at the field where McNair was stricken because the location of the practice was said to have changed at the last.

What any of that had to do with a toxic culture is unclear.  There was, however, clear indication that factions had formed on the team, and these factions had developed strong opinions about the cause of McNair's death.

It is clear that the coaching staff did not recognize the seriousness of McNair's condition.  The coaches thought McNair was dogging it on the day he went down.  No one moved quickly to get him help. By the time he did get the kind of medical intervention that is available in Maryland - although a small state, Maryland is home to the near-legendary "Shock Trauma" center at the University of Maryland, not to mention Johns Hopkins Medical School and Johns Hopkins Hospital. McNair was taken to Shock Trauma, but despite heroic efforts by attending doctors, his organs began to fail and within days the young athlete lost his battle to survive. 

When a booster who wanted or expected royal treatment - a seat on the team jet to an away football game this fall - was found to have been the same person who made a terrible remark about McNair's supposed culpability in his own death, players insisted he not ride on the jet with the players.  He did not.

I have no problem with that.  Why was he on the bloody jet to begin with?  But it was players who essentially told him to bug off, not the coaches or administration.  

When Durkin was returned to his position by the Board of Regents - a move signed off on by Wallace Loh, the same man who fired Durkin one day later, right before he quit himself - the players again intervened.  Or some of the players, at least.  One player who didn't agree was beat up by teammates.  The rest of the team and others not charged with making the decision about Durkin, all screamed blue murder.  The Governor of Maryland, the sometimes weak-spined Lawrence Hogan, was all fired up.  Perhaps Hogan should've paid some attention to the Maryland Troops summonsed to the Southern Border by the President of These United States.  The troops went, as directed.  Then, with virtually no explanation, Hogan called them home.  In case you've missed the news, the Southern Border of this country is actually under siege by tens of thousands of 'migrants.' National Guard troops from all over are responding, as are tens of thousands of regular military troops. But Hogan brings Maryland's defenders home.

With everybody screaming, Loh called Durkin.  One day before he told the Board of Regents he backed their decision to keep Durkin.  One day later, he changed his mind and fired Durkin.  Evans is still employed.

There are huge problems at Maryland.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Life of These United States Hinges on Keeping the Ultra Left Out of Power

BALTIMORE, Maryland Friday, October 19, 2018 - Well, the further along we go - the closer to Election Day we get - the more difficult it becomes to even consider a rational grounded person casting a vote that would assist the Democrats returning to power in Congress.

Since President Trump was inaugurated, the USA's economy has improved dramatically.  

As in 'very dramatically.'

Since Trump came to power, the USA foreign policy has regained a rational footing, and nations around the world have again began to look to Washington to prevent insanity ruling the day on the international scene.  North Korea is on the way to being tamed.  Iran has been confronted, and although there remains the possibility that those crazed Anti-Semitic fools could pull the proverbial fast one and launch a weapon at Israel, the chances of that happening grow less with each passing day.  At the very least, we have identified the true enemy there, and have confronted them.  

Two larger, more well known vexations: China and Russia, have returned to their well-earned places on the view screen.  In this position, their every move is noted and analyzed.  Whenever they make a move that threatens these United States, that move is confronted.  Rational minds rule the day at the Pentagon and at the State Department.

In the past, there were those who tried with all their might to paint the GOP in its as being the same thing as a racist organization doing all it could to discriminate against every minority group.  Under the Trump Administration, Black and Hispanic Employment have reached record numbers; at no time in the entire history of these United States have a higher percentage of Black and Hispanic Americans been gainfully employed.  These are numbers that Obama should have reached, even if he did nothing else.  Instead, it almost seemed as if nothing could have been less important.

Being the minority party, one waits for an announcement about what the Democrats are proposing.  First, we hope they give us a clue about what problem it is they propose to confront.  Once the problem is identified, then we will await the plans the Democrats have for confronting it.  If uou had the misfortune of seeing Paul Krugman's interview with Nancy Pelosi, the very idea that this over-the-hill individual would be returned to a position of power is very sad.  

The Democrats as a whole have fallen out of the places they need to be to make decisions for the most powerful nation on Earth.  Instead of cool, rational decision making, the Democrats have cozied up to crazed thugs and even more crazed mobs.  I have never seen anything like it.  What has gotten into them?

Sadly, indeed ominously, I know exactly what has gotten into them:  The Anti-Amercan Ultra-Left.  

As I have said over and over again in these pages, I am a liberal  It used to be that the views I espoused were at the very limits of rational.  I was "way out there," as people on the 'other side' often reminded me.  No more.  Now, my views are in the middle, or even on the conservative side of middle-of-the-road.  For a while that worried me.  But I realized I haven't changed.  But my party raced past me and landed far far to the left of me.  And there they have stayed.  Every view they espouse is out in the never-never land of absurd far left stuff.  The Democrats are so far to the left of normal that they would not recognize the middle of the road if they stumbled over it.  

If they somehow come back into power, either by taking over the Congress or the Presidency, the USA will be able to see the end of the road, and it will be coming up fast in the front windshield.  If you doubt what I say, tell me what policy they now espouse that will improve the country and the life of its inhabitants. 

The Democrats want to downsize and weaken the USA military.  Obama did lots of damage to the military, and one or two more terms with HIllary running the show would have allowed Russia and China race past us as great military powers on the Earth.  When Trump took over, we had been downsizing the military for eight years.  During this same time period, Russia, China, Iran and other nations have been gearing up their militaries to overtake any nation trying to protect democracy and justice (they are generally the same thing, yuo know.)

How bad are the Ultra Left Democrats?  Get out any book about what the ultra left stands for, what they do, etc., and you will recogzize the once-great American Democratic Party.

Remember this when you go into the voting booth a couple of weeks hence.  For America to continue to be the bastion of freedom and justice, the ultra leftists running the Democratic Party must not be allowed to regain power. Violence is seeping out of these leftists.  That cannot take root here. 

Hopefully, if the USA survives November, change will come to the Democratic Party.  A movement to oust the Ultra Left will commence. 

At least we can hope for this.,